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Within Amersfoort Cooperative University the following research groups are active:

  • Meet je stad! - an autonomous citizen science group that investigates climate change on a very local level
  • Historical water management systems - research in flooding fields
  • Inner city food production
  • Pollinator decline
  • Biolab Amersfoort is an open workshop for biology and chemistry, where people mainly work on diy soil quality and material research using algae, fungi and plants. Everyone is welcome to come and work there.
  • SAMKUL Project: Understanding Cultural Conditions for Climate Change Adaptation
  • Go Figure: Visualizing Climate Change (FIGO)
  • Fabfuse/Koppelting: annual meeting for grassroots research
  • The Duckweed Project duckweed production for water purification and protein production
  • Grassroots organisation
  • FabLab - Digital Fabrication and research of open knowledge sharing
  • Spullenmannen - Art from societies leftovers and research of crossovers between art and science
  • Transitielab - Research of small scale urban farming, energy solutions and recycling