flooding fields

Historical water systems and current water management issues

In 2013 a group started to research relics of historical water systems in the Gelderse Vallei area in the Netherlands. Many landscape elements were once part of clever flooding field systems that served agriculture. Hay lands were kept under flowing water to stimulate grass growth and protect the grass roots of frost. At the same time it was a way to battle pests and buffer large amounts of winter water, for which large areas of heath were used as well.

The work-group makes an inventory of historical landscape elements and, using the field data,  tries to reconstruct the workings of historical flooding systems

These systems are often (partially) repairable and in those cases can be used for current water management challenges like storing water for nature or buffering.

In 2014 De WAR developed a special application that simulates historical water use on the current height map. This gives insights into the workings of historical water systems and at the same time it can be tested for possibilities to use these methods for current water management issues.

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