Inner city foodproduction

At Amersfoort Cooperative University a number of projects take place on the topic of inner city food production.

With the mobile vegetable gardens the research question is how small can one make an edible ecosystem. In every box containing one square meter of soil, several plants are smartly combined. The system has to maintain itself and measurements take place of how much edible biomass is harvested from each combination. Follow up research will be done to find out what the role is of fungi in the ecosystem boxes, and to facilitate the transport of mineral through fungi in tubes between boxes.

The mushroom greenery grows mushrooms on coffee grindings from cafes in the neighbourhood. Finding the most robust mushroom for it is one of the main goals, because most mushrooms are grown to grow well on other media than coffee. It is also attempted to find or grow a mushroom that is not so picky when it comes to temperature and other parameters, to make it a manaeable system for home growing in non-factory environments.
Then there are tests to find out what elements of the medium end up in the mushroom itself. Is there caffeine in the mushroom? Is it important to only use organic coffee?

The knowledge gained is shared through workshops with the public.

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